Advice for visitors ahead of the Olympic Torch coming to Chichester

Olympic torch relay route in Chichester
Olympic torch relay route in Chichester

Some top tips have been provided by Chichester District Council to help visitors who are keen to follow the Olympic Torch Relay.

Visitors will be able to see the torch and the torchbearers passing through the city on Monday (July 16).

The torch will move from each community in a vehicle and will be travelling as part of a convoy. The first part will be the activation convoy, consisting of the sponsors- Lloyds TSB, Samsung and Coca-Cola.

The second part of the convoy will feature the torchbearer and supporting vehicles. The council has asked visitors to consider the following advice:

- If you are arranging a coach trip to one of the local communities, please make sure you let the council know. The council needs to make sure there is plenty of parking for you.

- There will be various road closures throughout the day. If you need to travel to one of the destinations that the Olympic Torch is visiting, please avoid when the torch is on the move (11.50am, 12.06pm and 1.07pm). The council also advises you to allow extra time to get to your destination.

- Use public transport wherever possible because you may find it difficult to park.

- Please do not park on the roads used by the Olympic Torch Relay, prior to its arrival.

- Try to arrive at your chosen location at least 45 minutes before the convoy is due to arrive.

- Please follow the instructions given to you by the marshals.

- If you become separated from a child or relative while attending the relay, please speak to one of the marshals or police officers on duty.

If you need any further information or advice, please call the council on 01243 785166 or visit:

You can also find out more about the Olympic Games and the Torch Relay at