Almodington campaigner speaks of joy at planning victory

Following a lengthy inquiry into plans to build 50 acres of glasshouses in Almodington, protesters are thrilled after a planning inspector ruled in their favour.

The long-running campaign to oppose the construction of the glasshouses at Easton Farm had received widespread support from the community, and in April of this year even Chichester MP Andrew Tyrie had raised concerns about the plans.

Last Friday, August 10, the planning inspector issued a letter dismissing the planning appeal by Madestein UK.

After the decision, Dries de Vaal, chairman of the Almodington Association, which has been fighting the proposal for the last three years, said: “The voice of the people has been heard.

“This is a victory for the community which we are proud to have led, and it demonstrates just what a small, well-organised community can achieve in the face of powerful and determined opposition.

“We are deeply grateful for all the support we have received throughout the campaign from individuals and organisations who have joined us in the battle to defeat the march of the industrial glasshouses over our countryside.

“The last battle has been won, our green and pleasant land has been saved.”

Partial costs of the inquiry were awarded to the Almodington Association, Chichester District Council, and the Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group.

The Almodington Association, which was initially formed to fight the plans, will now continue in the role of a voluntary defender of the local environment, and will turn its attention to ensuring proper protection of community interests in the Chichester District Council Local Plan.