Royal Mail announces delivery shake-up in Chichester

Postal routes in the Chichester area are being changed in a shake-up by the Royal Mail.

The national service announced plans earlier this week to introduce new delivery methods and revised routes in the PO18, PO19 and PO20 postcode areas.

In a statement, the Royal Mail said it was introducing the changes in a bid to keep its prices from rising further.

“We need to modernise the way we operate,” it read. “We are therefore making changes in Chichester to maintain our services and to keep our prices amongst the lowest in Europe.”

Most residents can expect to have their post by lunchtime, but for many, when they receive their mail will depend where they are on the new routes. Royal Mail plans to continue to deliver in the morning, but also to deliver for a longer period during the day; it said delivery arrangements would be adjusted during busier times.

The postal group blamed the decline in letter-writing for the shift in its service, explaining: “The way in which we communicate with each other has changed dramatically. Unfortunately, fewer letters are now posted every day and Royal Mail needs to organise its delivery routes to be as efficient as possible.

“We also deliver an increasing number of larger items and so we are investing in new equipment to carry these items to customers even more securely. The new equipment also reduces the risk of injury to our postmen and women from carrying heavier mail bags.

“These changes will require a period of adjustment for staff. However, Royal Mail will be doing everything possible to maintain a high level of service and thanks customers for their understanding.”

Royal Mail, which is writing to its customers as well as local representatives and business groups, to explain the changes, said it wanted to be clear that it valued its staff.

“We are proud of the high regard in which our postmen and women are held in the Chichester area,” said Royal Mail’s Collections and Delivery Sector Manager, Paul Murphy.