Businesses move on from Chichester precinct

Little London Walk
Little London Walk

INDEPENDENT businesses previously located in Little London Walk said their relocation had been good for business.

Owners of Manuka and Zigzag said moving to a new location had been good for trade.

Grant Langford, owner of Manuka, said he liked that the shop was now in The Broadwalk, Northgate.

He said leaving Little London Walk was a ‘big upheaval’ because they were ‘kicked out’ when leases could not be renewed.

“I’m not bothered what happens to Little London Walk now,” said Mr Langford.

“It was all too much. We’ve been here a year and we plan to stay here in the future.”

Customers have been supportive and have followed the shop to its new site at the end of North Street.

Shoe shop Zigzag has been at its new location, in South Street, since October last year. Store manager Stuart Hopkins said the shop would not be moving again in the future because the new location was ideal.

He said Little London Walk, previously known as Sadlers Walk, was once really busy, creating lots of business, but in recent years the amount of passing trade dwindled.

“It’s really good here. There are a lot more visitors and passing trade” he said. “There are also shops either side of us rather than empty units. Customers have been really positive. They like the new shop and think that it is more accessible than the one in Little London Walk.”

Mr Hopkins said there had also been a response from new customers who had not heard of the shop before.

Speaking about the walk’s future, he said: “Little London Walk would be good if it was a good unit and one big shop such as Zara or Gap as opposed to a new supermarket.”

Last year, the owner of Little London Walk received permission to turn it into one single unit with a mezzanine level. The application sparked a petition to keep the 19-unit precinct as a location for independent businesses which gained almost 800 signatures

Originally four traders planned on staying in 
the units because they had long-term leases lasting until 2019/20, but now only camera shop Whitby’s remains.

There are reports TK Maxx is waiting to move on to the site and the arrival of the new high-street store could create up to 50 jobs.