Chichester faces possible ‘car cruising’ weekend visit

Avenue de Chartres car park
Avenue de Chartres car park

CAR CRUISERS face being barricaded from Chichester car parks this weekend.

An online Facebook group called Sussex Cruising has created an event which would see a number of cars flock to the Avenue de Chartres and Northgate car parks on Sunday evening (February 9).

Sussex Police is aware of the group and has advised car park owners to take appropriate steps.

Previous gatherings have drawn complaints from residents.

A spokeswoman for Chichester District Council said: “We have been made aware that a car cruising group has organised an unauthorised event in our Northgate and Avenue de Chartres car parks this Sunday.

“The event has been heavily promoted on social networking sites.

“We have not been approached by the organisers about the event and so we have taken steps to alert potential participants that the car parks will not be available for this use on Sunday.

“We are working closely with Sussex Police and other partners to monitor the situation and we will be attending the sites to make sure that our car parks are not used for this purpose.

“We will always consider any events on our land when we are provided with the full details and can properly assess the situation.

“However, we have very little information about this event and so we feel that this action is in the best interest of local residents and businesses.”

The Facebook event was initially called Park and Pose, but this has now changed to Park and Pose to Help the Heroes and is a charity event.

According to the group’s Facebook page: “Sussex Cruising are hosting an event on the 9th of February at 7.30pm.

“We would like to convoy down in good numbers to get there on the evening. The event looks like it is going to be a good one so wash your cars, obey the rules of the road and have fun!”

The Facebook event page said: “Vehicles are welcome from standard to modified. This is a meet for car enthusiasts to come and meet and show off their cars and what modifications can be done to them.

“So we ask for everyone on arrival put on their hazards until parked.

- No drifting

- No burnouts

- No wheel spins

- No popping and banging

- No speeding around location

Our rules are there for a reason for everyone’s safety and well being. People being inconsiderate will be reported to police as this will not be the time and place for it.”