Chichester mum warns of internet scam

Emma Ayres and her son Cameron, 15.Picture by Kate Shemilt.
Emma Ayres and her son Cameron, 15.Picture by Kate Shemilt.

A CHICHESTER mum wants to warn others about an internet scam which caught out her 15-year-old son.

Emma Ayres said her son Cameron decided to sell his Playstation on Gumtree, an online market site, and was offered £400.

“They asked how they should pay for it, and we said Paypal,” said mum Emma.

“Then I got an email saying the money had been transferred,” she said. “But it was fake.”

She said the email looked exactly like a confirmation email from Paypal.

“They wanted it for next-day delivery,” said Emma. “You’re flapping to get it sent off in time. The money was not credited to the account. We never did get the money.”

So now Cameron is left without a Playstation, which was a Christmas present, and with no money.

A Trading Standards spokesman said: “That is a scam I’m familiar with. What you will receive is an email you would take to be your Paypal confirmation email. This email can be very authentic looking.

“The advice with something like this would be firstly, treat all emails with a degree of suspicion.

“Really you should go to your Paypal account directly. Do not use any link in the email.

“Never ship the goods until you have gone 
into your Paypal account and verified the funds have reached your account. If you’ve been scammed, report it to Citizens Advice on 08454 040506.”