Chocolate Heaven for Chichester Festival Theatre


BIRDHAM firm Montezuma’s Chocolates had some special visitors to their chocolate factory from the Chichester Festival Theatre.

On Wednesday, July 9, the Chichester Festival Theatre team went to see Montezuma’s production site and the producing of their very special bespoke chocolate bars.

The range of five bars have been developed exclusively for the theatre re-launch, with bespoke packaging which feature the architect’s sketch of the new building.

And of course, the staff had to try the chocolate, which they would be selling to their loyal customers.

Montezuma’s was thrilled to be asked to get involved with the product development, having been a supplier to Chichester Festival Theatre for many years and with 
the Montezuma’s production just five miles from the theatre, it seemed like an obvious partnership.

Sixteen of the Chichester Festival Theatre’s front-of-house team arrived at Montezuma’s head office, ready and waiting to partake in lots of chocolate-eating, all in the name of product training.

They all donned food-safe hats and gowns, sanitised their hands and were ready for a tour of the factory to see firsthand just how the products were produced and packed.

A visitor from the theatre said: “The minute we stepped foot in the factory, the smell is always over-whelming.

“When we arrived the production of the dark chocolate with lime and sea salt was in full swing, so the air was smelling decidedly limey.”

A tour of a chocolate factory inevitably involves plenty of sampling, but then came the main event.

A tasting session to try many different origins of chocolate, different cocoa percentages and flavours, too, including the five bars the front-of-house team will be selling every day to their customers.

This training and sampling is hugely important – without the knowledge of how a product is made, what ingredients are included and what the product tastes like, the person selling cannot be expected to do it all justice.

The group left clutching their goodie bags and were full of excitement ready for last week’s opening performance – and, of course, ready to sell all the Montezuma’s chocolate!