Endal's legacy will live on

Allen Parton, owner of Endal, one of the Britain's best-known dogs, shares his memories about his best friend.

Having just completed the book and documentary I had the unique and wonderful opportunity to explore Endal's and my our past in such detail. We laughed at the thing we had done and actually at some of the things Endal was invited to open a school, open hydrotherapy centre, even help launch Crufts and even open a wheelchair accessible loo. Including Saturday's Crufts he had notched up 4002 public appearances in his 13 years, had 342 film crews and even has his own Wikipedia page.

The list rolls on, but if I was to think of the most important thing Endal has opened over his 13 years it has to be opening so many people's minds to how important and valuable dogs are in our lives. Well,it really is job well done my faithful Endal. I still can't pick a point in my life when I can say that I did something in life that deserved Endal's unconditional love and devotion which I have experienced.

I have been truly blessed but now I realise that Endal was never only my dog, he was everyone's, and the world truly is a sadder place today for his passing. The Allen and Endal story has only been the success it has been because of the support we have been given and we include the local people of Sussex in that special group of people to whom we will always owe what is an unrepayable debt

His greatest legacy has to be bringing me back to my family and also mentoring faithful little EJ (Endal Junior) too, who is already punching above his weight and able to do 90 per cent of what Endal was capable of, but it would not have been possible if Endal had not been here. The two were as one and I would be being selfish to think my sense and feeling of loss was the greatest because Ikea and EJ dearly miss him too. The three musketeers are two.

I had been given the opportunity yesterday morning to tell Endal how much I love him and to thank him for all he has done for me these last twelve years and that is possibly the most important and significant moment of our relationship. He went peacefully in my lap surrounded by those that loved him most, much loved and now much missed by the Parton household.

Sky Reallives (on chanel 243) will be screening a documentary about Endal entitled The dog who saved my marriage on Wednesday, March 18, at 1pm

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