Flood-fighting Chichester District Council praised

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THE EFFORTS of people combating tidal flooding on the Manhood Peninsula have been praised.

David Lowsley, senior coastal engineer at Chichester District Council, was speaking to the cabinet on Tuesday (February 4) about the beach management plan (BMP) between Selsey and Bracklesham Bay.

After he had finished, chairman of the district council Martyn Bell spoke up from the audience.

He said he had seen a map in a Sunday newspaper that highlighted all the homes along the south coast that had been beset by coastal flooding within the past weeks.

Other counties had been severely affected, but he said the map showed only one home in West Sussex affected by coastal flooding.

“David has worked really hard with the authorities that are responsible, which are the Environment Agency (EA) and West Sussex County Council,” he told the cabinet.

“David has put in a lot of personal effort.

“One home flooded is one home too many, but it’s a lot of hard work and I just wanted that to be recognised.”

Mr Lowsley was updating the cabinet on work being carried out to protect against rising tides.

In December, a £268,686 contract was awarded to Raymond Brown Construction to carry out work as part of the BMP.

Ordinarily, it needed to be ratified by the cabinet, however this was overlooked and there was no time to wait for this month’s cabinet meeting, as the work needs to be completed by the end of the financial year, or there is a risk of losing a £300,000 grant from the EA.

On December 17, the council’s chief executive, leader, cabinet member for environment, chairman of the overview and scrutiny committee and district treasurer approved the awarding of the contract.