Flood warning in Westbourne as River Ems rises

A FLOOD warning has been issued for Westbourne this afternoon (February 14).

The Environment Agency released the warning at 1pm, and said: “14mm of rain has fallen over the past six hours and with high groundwater levels in the catchment, the River Ems has risen quickly.

“Levels are continuing to rise and as a result we expect there could be property flooding in parts of Westbourne and through Lumley Lane.

“There is more rain forecast over the next few hours which is likely to cause further response in river levels. We will continue to update this warning if the situation changes.”

There are also flood alerts in place for Emsworth and the area around the River Lavant.

A groundwater flooding alert remains in place for West Dean, Singleton, Charlton, East Dean and Chilgrove.

Visit www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/142151.aspx for updates on flood alerts.