Forest of Christmas trees recycled in Westbourne

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Almost 100 Christmas trees were taken to the village square in Westbourne, where they were recycled and turned into wood chippings.

The village, near Emsworth, saw the most successful Christmas tree recycling event yet.

The event, organised by a climate change action group, Greening Westbourne, was the fourth such event to be organised. The aim of the campaign was to encourage local residents to recycle their Christmas trees to reduce the distance travelled by local waste.

The 98 trees which were brought to the event on Sunday was a step up from last year’s 70. Campaign chairman Colin Carré said: “The event is part of village tradition now and it’s great that so many more villagers are taking part.” The campaigners provided mulled wine and mince pies for the villagers who brought their trees to the event.

Michael Reed, Westbourne tree works specialist, performed the chipping for free. The chippings created from the recycled trees are to be used to cover paths at village allotments.

The Greening Westbourne campaign are looking to take on other projects. Colin Carré explained the campaign is continuing the push to get as many homes in the village insulated as possible. He said: “We’re encouraging people to get their cavity walls done, as well as proper 270mm insulation in their lofts.”

The campaign is following a format successfully tried in many communities across England. Those interested in joining can email or see