Heavy drinking session ended in father’s death

Tasi Sugaip, from Romania
Tasi Sugaip, from Romania

A FATHER died after being stabbed 15 times on Christmas Day, just weeks after coming to England to provide for his family.

Tasin Sugaip was found dead on a former plant nursery site, off Almodington Lane, Almodington, near Bracklesham when police were called there in the 
early hours of Boxing Day, 2010.

Last week, his friend Gheorghe Badea went on trial for his murder at Lewes Crown Court.

The court heard Mr Sugaip, from Tulcea in Romania, was stabbed nine times on his front and six times in his back.

On the night of his death, Badea, 55, sent a text to his employer saying Mr Sugaip was ‘mort’ – which means ‘dead’ in French.

Badea, also from Romania, originally told police he found Mr Sugaip, 45, lying on the ground and thought he was drunk.

However, the court heard he later admitted stabbing his friend in self-defence.

He said he woke during the night, heard a noise and, after grabbing a knife and a can of CS gas, went to Mr Sugaip’s caravan to check 
on him.

Seeing he was up and moving around, he started to walk back to his own caravan when Mr Sugaip grabbed him from behind.

“He said, as he was being held, he stabbed him over his shoulder with a knife,” said Dianne Chan, 

“When he turned to face him, he sprayed him with the CS gas and Mr Sugaip slumped to the ground.”

However Miss Chan said several of the blows, particularly those which punctured his sternum, would have required ‘an awful lot of force’.

She said the wounds on Mr Sugaip’s back were spaced out, but those on his front were close together.

“To get a lot of deep, strong blows into one area, either that person wasn’t moving or they were pinned against something,” she said.

The knife used was broken into at least three pieces and thrown over the fence surrounding the compound where both men 
were staying.

Two of the pieces were later recovered by police.

“Whoever had murdered or stabbed Mr Sugaip has taken the time to break up the knife and fling it as far as they could from the site,” said Miss Chan.

Miss Chan said Badea had no visible injuries at the time of his arrest.

The trial, which is expected to last for around four weeks, continues.