High School students boxing clever at Tate Modern

BUDDING scriptwriters are preparing to see their play performed at the Tate Modern in London.

Year 10 pupils at Chichester High School for Girls are taking part in the Urban Mischief Project.

It has seen 200 students from a range of backgrounds come together to develop a new play.

Developed in collaboration with actors and directors from the Box Clever Theatre Company, which specialises in creating contemporary theatre for young people, the project aims to give young writers a voice.

It certainly worked for one Chichester High School for Girls pupil, 15-year-old Georgia Wise.

“This has been one of the best things I have been involved in,” she said.

“I have loved working with the other students, they are people I wouldn’t normally meet.

“It’s been really interesting hearing about their lives and how similar we all are.”

The script for the Urban Mischief play was created through workshops with Box Clever practitioners.

It also employed use of an online community forum where ideas on storyline and character-development could be shared between writers from across the country.

The project reaches its climax on Wednesday with a performed reading of the script at the Tate Modern art gallery.

The iconic London building will be the venue for the performance, which will feature professional actors directed by Iqbal Khan. A special documentary film is also being made to celebrate the event and will be available for general release in September.

Michael Wicherek, artistic director at Box Clever, said: “This has been one of the most exciting journeys we have undertaken at Box Clever.

“The students are all very different, both in their interests and their backgrounds, and this has really encouraged a unique creative process.

“The young people have learnt creative skills and worked with some of our finest facilitators and artists, developing this exciting new story line.

“We are looking forward to previewing it in front of our guests and the young people.”

More information is available online at www.boxclevertheatre.com