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Having just read the potential plans for Remembrance Sunday for 2014, I believe the general public and especially Mr Cameron seem to have missed the point about Remembrance Sunday, and also seem to have no idea when the first world war actually started in 1914.

If we want to remember the start of the first world war, and have a quiet moment, that day should be August 4, the day we declared war on Germany – I am all for that.

By November 11, we had already seen the Angel of Mons, withdrawn to the Marne, won that battle, advanced again, and the race to the coast and the first battle of Ypres were over.

Any special November Remembrance Day should be in 2018, and should be on November 11, regardless of which day of the week that is, ie the day the Armistice came into force.

If we are going to have special Remembrance days, and want to remember the start of the first world war, please, let’s get the right dates.

Frank Lane

Worcester Road


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