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So the Observer broadsheet has gone but is not forgotten.

I know this because last summer I was redecorating the vestibule in my house and on removing the floor covering I came across several newspapers including a well preserved copy of the Observer, dated October 17, 1969.

It cost 4d and the main headline was ‘New gas in 64,000 homes’.

Other highlights were a bedsit for rent in Birdham for £5 per week; ‘The Italian Job’ at the Rex cinema in Haslemere and Summersdale Service Station which was advertising for ‘3 attractive young ladies’!

On a more serious note there was a report of the memorial service for Basil Shippam.

When I put a new floor down I returned this 1969 Observer to its former place and added a copy of the current Observer.

So when someone redecorates in the future (another 42 years?), they will come across these papers again.

Michael Darby

Lyndhurst Road


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