Chichester residents ‘should be grateful’ after floods

MP Nick Gibb with minister Eric Pickles at Pagham beach

Picture by Louise Adams C140228-2 Bog Feb27 Pickles

MP Nick Gibb with minister Eric Pickles at Pagham beach Picture by Louise Adams C140228-2 Bog Feb27 Pickles

RESIDENTS should ‘count their blessings’ they haven’t been worse affected by 
bad weather.

Heavy rain and high winds have flooded homes and businesses, with emergency services being called out to tackle storm-damaged areas.

Speaking at a Chichester District Council cabinet meeting on Tuesday, councillor John Connor said people ‘should be grateful they are not in the same position as others’.

“People in this district must realise they have been incredibly lucky,” said Cllr Connor.

“We have been lucky with the relief channel from the Lavant and the same with the realignment at Medmerry.”

He said the issues people had been raising – contamination of water courses and over topping of waste – were issues that are ‘here today and gone tomorrow’.

Leader of the council Heather Caird said the West Sussex local flood risk management strategy was ‘not a very advanced plan’ and that the ‘wet spots’ outlined in the plan needed to be prioritised.

Cllr Tony Dignum described the strategy as ‘very unsatisfactory’ to have a list of jobs with no plans for funding or completion.

The coast is bracing itself for another spell of high tides next week.

Vice-chairman of Bosham Parish Council, Jonathon Fulford, said he wasn’t ‘too concerned’ because strong winds 
and rain were not expected like those earlier.

But waves have destroyed parts of the beach at Selsey and Eric Pickles has visited Pagham beach which has eroded dramatically in the past few weeks.

Pagham Parish Council chairman Cllr Ray Radmall told the secretary of state for communities and local government: “This is a community with its back 
to the wall. Recent events have been a wake-up call.

“Our challenge to the regulatory authorities and to Europe must be ‘Would you wilfully prevent a small community from seeking to protect itself?’

“The Church Norton Spit has proven to be an unstoppable destructive force.”




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