More help given to Gavin



SUPPORTERS have continued to rally behind a Barnham man in his fight against cancer.

The backers of Gavin Hunnikin staged a fundraising day to push the total to some £31,500. They have a target of £50.000.

The latest event was staged in the Hampshire village of Wickham by a friend of Gavin’s girlfriend, Lisa Male.

Anthea Mundye, who owns Pink Twist hair salon, wanted to help and and liaised 
with the manager of the Warwick Lane centre and all its shopowners.

Lisa said: “They let us use the centre of the lane to have singers, a raffle, cake stand, face paints and crafts.

“It was a brilliant atmosphere and we raised £217.89.

“Once again, I was touched by everybody’s kindness and it was lovely to meet some great people from their community.

“Everybody involved provided their time and services for free.”

More fundraising will take place with a tabletop sale from 2pm-4pm on March 22 at North Mundham Village Hall.

It is being held by Chris Leeder after the success of her previous event in January.

“It’s only for a couple of hours, but anything will help,” she said.

Anyone who wants to pre-book a table should contact her on 01243 788571.

As reported, 40-year-old Gavin, a father of two, of Gospond Road, has a brain tumour.

He underwent a blood 
test this week after being referred to Germany for further treatment.

He is now waiting to be given a date to travel to a clinic in Duderstadt for dendritic cell therapy.

This will follow the sonodynamic/photodynamic therapy which Gavin has recently received in this country.

Both forms of alternative treatment are said to work more effectively when they are given together.

“I haven’t seen Gavin for a week now as he’s been so tired and poorly that his parents have been looking after him,” said Lisa.

“I’ve missed him terribly and we haven’t even been able to speak properly over the phone as his speech has been so bad. It’s very upsetting.

“There have been a few moments of improvements in his speech for short periods throughout the day.

“His parents have reported back to me that, at times, he’s even said he feels better, but it doesn’t last for long.

“It’s still early days, though, and we are taking these moments of improvements as a positive step.”

Gavin was diagnosed 11 years ago. He has undergone two operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The tumour has become progressively worse during the past year. It is now classified as a stage four tumour.

Gavin has been told by his oncologist he was likely to have only a year to live.

The NHS has offered him more chemotherapy, but 
he has declined this 
because of its ineffectiveness last time.

He was prompted last November to seek £75,000 to pay for replacement cell therapy only available at a clinic in Houston in the USA.

But his suitability for 
this was thrown into doubt after he was unable to find out if the London hospital where he was operated 
on in 2008 had kept a sample of his tumour so he could forward it on to the American doctors to analyse.

The worsening of his condition also caused him to seek other forms of treatments outside the NHS, whether in this country or abroad.




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