Midhurst’s tribute to accident victim Josie

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MIDHURST parish church was full this evening (Wednesday July 16) when exactly a week after the horrific accident in the town centre, the community gathered together to remember Josie Incisivo.

The service was led by Midhurst vicar the Rev Dave Willis, Roman Catholic priest Father Peter Newsam and Methodist minister The Rev Jeanette Richardson.



The bishop of Horsham the Rt Rev Mark Sowerby joined the mourners and blessed the own.

There were tributes from Josie’s nephew, from her godsons Paul and Silvio Bukbardis and from a close friend and neighbour.

Father Peter urged those who were grieving not to let her last few horrific moments overshadow peoples’ memories of Josie as a hard working, generous loving person.

And Mr Willis told the gathering he hoped when the town looked back it would remember this as a time when the community came together to support each other and support Josie’s family across the world in America and Italy.

Josie pictures pushing her Lambretta in Italy in the 1960s

Josie pictures pushing her Lambretta in Italy in the 1960s

The vicar lit a candle of hope which he placed in front of the mourners and one by one they lit their own candles and placed them around it creating a sea of light.

Josie’s godsons Silvio and Paul and her goddaughter, their sister Lena joined the mourners for the gathering.