No reports of dogs being poisoned at beaches near Chichester, police say

Police have stressed that there have been no confirmed reports of dogs being poisoned on beaches near Chichester.

Sussex Police received two reports of dogs being poisoned in the Chichester area over the last two months, but have rubbished rumours that dogs have fallen ill while on beaches.

The first was a report of rat poison placed in bread in an alleyway in The Holdens, Bosham, on February 20, but there is no evidence to suggest that this was maliciously placed. Local advice was given through community messaging and Neighbourhood Watch.

Another report was received on March 29 of an English Bull Terrier that died after suspected poisoning. The owner believes that the dog may have eaten something while out walking at Sidlesham on Sunday, March 25, but there is no clear confirmation of this.

Sergeant Alan Fenn from Chichester’s Manhood neighbourhood policing team said: “We are liaising with Chichester District Council dog wardens, local land owners and dog walkers, but at this time there appears to be just these two confirmed incidents and no obvious links between them. “There have been a number of rumours circulating about ‘poison sandwich’ incidents on the beaches of East and West Witterings, but these have not been confirmed.

“I would appeal to any person who suspects their dog has been deliberately targeted or poisoned to report this to police or dog wardens immediately, and ask dog walkers to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or objects they find. Any reports received will be investigated thoroughly.”