DAWN GRACIE Whipped and Baked – here to get us drooling

I HAVE been following the story of another independent business opening in the heart of Chichester.

Chief cake mistress and all-round lovely lady Aida Stephens has finally opened the doors of the fabulous Whipped and Baked in Guildhall Street.

I asked Aida a few questions. What’s your business ethos? “We are a local, independent bakery aiming to support the local economy by sourcing our ingredients locally, be it from local producers or local businesses.

“We believe when we do business with local businesses, more of the money stays locally, thus contributing to a more vibrant, proactive and healthy local community.”

I asked Aida about her thoughts on mixing motherhood and business: “It’s hard and tricky, and riddled with guilt trips and anxieties, which is why you should always make sure what you intend to do as a business makes sense because time put into a business is time taken away from your children. Make sure your business plan is solid.”

On her plans for the future: “Baking classes, mail-order brownies and pursuing the ‘suspended coffee’ idea that I’ve been reading about.” Another local businesswoman teasing our tastebuds! Follow Aida’s blog at www.sniffandsnort.wordpress.com