KELLY BROWN: My little budding comedian makes me laugh with his ‘new’ jokes

Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown

WHAT did the biscuit say when it got ran over? Crumbs!

Just one of the many jokes in my little boy’s repertoire – and he just loves to tell them.

Well, when I say repertoire I actually mean only four jokes.

But that doesn’t faze my budding comedian, who takes great delight in sharing them with pretty much anyone who will listen.

And, like every great stand-up comedian, he has a little routine.

Because his biscuit joke is swiftly followed by what used to my own favourite joke when I was little.

What does Batman’s mummy shout when his food is ready? Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, Batman!

Then third in his routine is the first joke taught to my little man by his daddy.

How do we know when an elephant has been in the fridge? Because there are footprints in the butter!

And then lastly – but not of course the least important – a winter joke.

What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Snow flakes!

And then once you have been amused by his hilarious jokes, he will repeat them – just to keep the entertainment going.

It doesn’t matter how many times he tells me though, I still find him amusing and it is just the latest showing of his developing sense of humour.

He loves to ‘trick’ me with his cunning wit (helped of course by telling mummy he is about to trick me!), and one is his favourite routines is when he pretends to be my cushion without me realising.

Silly mummy, not realising I was ‘sitting’ on my son rather than a cushion.

But, of course, like everything else, whatever child number one does, child number two is not far behind.

And now my daughter has started squishing in behind me on the sofa and pretending to be my pillow. So that is two budding comics on my hands.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. But one thing is for sure, I’m going to have to invest in a new children’s joke book!

The pause button ....

WHAT would the children of today do without a pause button on the television?

If my little man is watching something on the telly and needs to leave the room or come up to the table to have his tea – he reaches for that remote.

And talking to my friends, he is not alone because their kids do the same.

At the risk of sounding old – there was no pause button for the TV in my day!

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