OFFICE FLEX: A little help from our friends


TWO young entrepreneurs have set up an office in Chichester city centre to help start-up businesses in the area.

Jess Green, 20, and James Parsons, 24, will keep us updated on their progress with a regular online column.

Jess Green said: “The day finally arrived when we got the keys to the building!

“I was nervous, unsure, completely out of my comfort zone, but most of all I was excited!

“I could tell James was also extremely excited as he spent the entire first day like a child who had just eaten too many blue smarties... hyperactive! It felt like we had just moved in to our first house, but fully aware that there was a lot of work to do before this house could become home...

“The first thing we had to do was move everything in. This meant moving our office furniture which was being stored in my mum’s conservatory, plasterboard, wood for the building works, computers, chairs, stationary and paint.

“This wouldn’t normally seem like a difficult task, however, being on the third floor and nothing fitting in the lift, things did start to get a little complicated!

“Our next task was to clean, paint, take desks apart, put desks back together, build some more walls, bring the old plants back to life, take shelves down, sand all the skirting boards, clean up spilled paint and so on... The list was never ending!

“In hindsight, when decorating a whole floor of offices it would probably have been better to do one room at a time, but we ended up doing it all at once. The mess was unbelievable during the first week and I thought it would never get finished. On top of that, we had only half a reception desk as the other half was lost in the post, we also had broken blinds, paint on the carpet and a lot of rubbish!

“At this point I was getting worried. The last thing I wanted was for people to come in and see the offices in a half finished condition after spending so many late nights and early mornings working on them. I suppose you could say the irony of it was that after feeling as though I had moved in to my first house, that’s exactly what it turned in to, with me spending so much time there!

“It was at this point that our friends and family all pulled together to help us finish, if they hadn’t have helped, we’d probably still be painting right now!

“We wouldn’t have been able to complete the offices if it hadn’t been for all the support we received – support we are both incredibly thankful for. Our friends and family became decorators, builders, labourers, electricians, cleaners, designers and shoulders to cry on.

“To those who helped us, you are probably unaware of exactly how much you helped! These three weeks also taught me who in my life I could rely on, and who would go out of their way to help James and myself when we really needed it!”