Parents volunteer for lollipop duty outside Chichester school

Parents have put their names forward to become a crossing patrol officer outside their children’s school in Chichester after the county council agreed for one to be put in place.

The good news comes in the wake of a horrific road accident outside Rumboldswhyke CofE Infants’ School in Whyke Road where the mother of a pupil was hit by a skip lorry.

Headteacher Fiona Sayce said it has been a ‘horrible three weeks’ dealing with the aftermath of the accident.

“It came as a huge relief the local authority has agreed that Whyke Road meets the criteria for a school crossing ‘lollipop’ patrol,” she said.

“This is something the school has been campaigning for since 2009. The post has already been advertised by the authority and we are hoping to find a suitable candidate soon.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for any suitably-qualified person to take on the role or even for an employee from a local business to be released for a short time each day.”

A consultation on putting a school safety zone outside the school is also expected to be launched soon. Mrs Sayce said this would make people more aware of where the school is.

She confirmed several parents had already put their names forward to take up the role. A petition started by parents last week to improve road safety at Whyke Road has so far collected more than 500 signatures on paper and online.

Mrs Sayce added: “I am very grateful to the parents who set the petition up and to all those people in the locality who have signed it.

“Several local nursery providers have also had parents sign. This goes to show what a significant part of community life this patrol would be.”

The road safety calls outside the school come after a mother pushed at least one of her two children out of the way of an oncoming skip lorry. She sustained leg injuries and was taken to Southampton General Hospital, where she was last reported to be in a stable condition.

Her children and the skip lorry driver involved in the accident were unharmed.

If you are interested in becoming the school crossing patrol officer for Whyke Road please contact Julie Finn, school crossings manager on 01243 777319 or email