Pensioner dies in fire at his flat in Selsey

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Firefighters attempted to save an elderly man who died in his home in Selsey after a fire broke out at his property.

Officers were called to the scene by a concerned neighbour reporting a smell of smoke from the flat in George House, Manor Rd, Selsey, just before 1pm on Saturday, March 31.

Fire crews forced entry to his home and found a small fire in the kitchen area that was already out. The deceased man was located in the bedroom. His identity has yet to be released by Police, who are also investigating the incident.

The cause of death is unknown and the fire is under investigation but it is thought to have started accidentally. Crucially, the flat was found to be fitted with a smoke alarm but it was discovered to have no battery in.

As a response to the incident, fire crews will be returning to Manor Road to give safety demonstrations and advice to residents in the area. Further safety information is available from West Sussex fire brigade on 0800 328 6487.