Shingle spraying completes first phase of project

SHINGLE was sprayed in vast quantities on to the beaches of Selsey last week as part of a £10m sea defence project.

The operation was paid for by holiday park Bunn Leisure, which initiated the work to protect its 300-acre site from eroding away and getting damaged by the sea.

International sea defence specialists Westminster Dredging started bringing in masses of rocks in November, which will form the main part of the sea defences.

Managing director of Bunn Leisure John Bunn said: "We're very happy with how the works are progressing and can really see the sea defences coming together now the shingle is being pumped onto the beach.

"Thankfully the works commenced this winter, as the rate of erosion has been far greater over the past year.

"However, we're only at the end of phase one out of four, so there's a fair way to go until completion."

The aim of the first phase was to protect the main facilities at Bunn Leisure but phase two will be more widespread and will protect the end of West Sands Holiday Park.

The company will monitor the effects of phase one before continuing works on the defences.

Mr Bunn said: "Phase two is already estimated to be painfully close to 3m and requires a far greater design and understanding of the natural forces at work, in what has proved to be a unique, challenging and much misunderstood environment."