Sussex storm keeps fire service busy

Fire and Rescue Service
Fire and Rescue Service

FIREFIGHTERS have been busy overnight after a string of storm-related incidents (October 28).

At 11.41pm last night firefighters headed to Bracklesham Caravan and Boat Club, as water was breaching the site.

Residents were evacuated to the club house, and firefighters got the pumps running and managed to stop the water from flooding the site. They left the scene at 2.18am.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service got a call at 5am from Lakeside Caravan Park in Vinnetrow Road, as three trees had fallen down onto log cabins at the site.

Residents were evacuated to the club house, and nobody was hurt in the incident.

The Texaco Garage off of the A27 at Chichester is closed after structural damage from the storm.

Firefighters were called at 6.21am after parts of the roof fell down.

A number of houses are believed to have lost electricity, particularly in the Sidlesham area.

A spokeswoman for Southern Electric said it did not have numbers for specific areas yet, but at the last update there were 1,484 homes without electricity in the rural Portsmouth area, which included Chichester.

Firefighters had to pump water from a house in St Wilfrid Road, Chichester, after a blocked drain flooded a home and garage and also threatened two further homes.

A fire crew was at the scene from 3.38am to 8.14am and a gulley sucker from West Sussex County Council was requested.

Also, the clock tower in East Wittering was blown down in the storm overnight.