VIDEO: Biking belles battle breast cancer at Goodwood

A MILESTONE of women’s cycling has been marked at Goodwood – as dozens of riders took to their bikes for charity.

With racing and non-competitive events, the Biking Belles Grand Prix was the first all-women’s cycling day in the 
south east.

The Biking Belles at the Goodwood event.14LAAUG31b-2 PPP-140831-163042006

The Biking Belles at the Goodwood event.14LAAUG31b-2 PPP-140831-163042006

Organiser Val Harper said: “It was a great event for women. It was the first of several events. We had a huge turnout for the sportive event with more than 60 cyclists, which is excellent for single-sex cycling.

“The racing was great – and a few Biking Belles took part in the Go Race.”

Val formed the Biking Belles, Chichester and district ladies’ cycling club with the view of introducing more women to cycling

The event, which raised money for the Boot Out Breast Cancer charity, gave the public and district clubs a chance to take to the track, as well as elite women’s racing in the Lady March Grand Prix.

The winners were:

The Lady March Grand Prix race ( the Elite / 1 / 2 race)

1st Jennifer Crouch

2nd Elise Sherwell

3rd Louise Mahe

The CalBisc 100 High Energy Biscuit race (Cat 3 / 4 race)

1st Charlotte Sampson

2nd Sophie Curle

3rd Victoria Mackie


1st Charlotte Heywood

2nd Kate McNichol

3rd Amy Rook

The day was supported by stallholders and entertainment. Find out more: