Woman lends voice to support Earnley centre

A WOMAN delighted with the adult education on offer at Earnley Concourse has spoken of her shock that the centre faces closure.

Mrs Lawrence was devastated to hear the centre’s future hangs in the balance after a recent visit there.

“Throughout the weekend the main topic of conversation among the residents and non-residents was the expected closure of Earnley,” she said.

“Lengthy discussions took place as our creative minds set to work focussing on what could be done to save Earnley.

“None of us could believe that closure is the answer, whatever the problems may be.”

The trustees of Earnley Concourse, which employs around 41 people, said in August that as fewer people were joining courses, they were reviewing current operating activities.

But Mrs Lawrence, a resident of Newport, South Wales, who has been visiting Earnley since 2008, has added her voice to pleas to keep it open.

“With some creative thinking and renewed enthusiasm, surely it would be possible to put Earnley back on the map?” she added.

Trustee Dr Ian McAndrew said last month: “We are in an economic downturn and as with most companies it is difficult in business at the moment.

“At the moment we are in discussions and looking at all possible options.”