'Wonderdog' Endal passes away

Endal, officially crowned "Dog of the Millenium", is dead.

He was put to sleep peacefully on Friday by his devoted owner Allen Parton from Clanfield, following a stroke and after suffering increasingly from severe arthritis.

Over the past 12 years Endal became world-famous after saving Allen's life in 2001 after he was knocked from his wheelchair by a car. The super-intelligent Labrador put Allen in the recovery position, pulled a blanket over him and ran barking for help.

Endal helped Gulf War veteran Allen come to terms with terrible injuries, which left him partially paralysed, wheel-chair bound and with loss of memory, meaning that for some time he could'nt even recognise his own wife Sandra and children Liam and Zoe. The wonder-dog stayed faithfully by Allen's side and learnt to perform some incredible tasks for a canine - including punching in Allen's cash-card details, taking washing from the dryer and picking up the phone to give to his master.

His death comes just days after he made his last appearqance at Crufts , accompanying Allen and Sandra for a signing of a book telling his inspiring story.

Allen said: "Endal's legacy has to be bringing me back to my family and also mentoring faithful little EJ (Endal Junior) too - who is already punching above his weight and is able to do 90 per cent of what Endal was capable of, although that would not have been possible if Endal had not been there to teach him."

He added: "I was given the opportunity to tell Endal how much I loved him and to thank him for all he had done for me these last 12 years - and that was possibly the most important and significant moment of our relationship. He went peacefully in my lap, surrounded by those who loved him most; much loved and now much missed by all of us here in the Parton home."

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