Closing crossing is madness

One cannot help wondering if the new Shopwyke Lakes development is being used as a cover story by the Highways Agency to close the crossing. Not so long ago they spent vast sums of taxpayers money upgrading them... why?

They must have already been aware of the long-term plans for the area – is that not why we pay them very large salaries, to plan for 15 or 20 years ahead?

After all, the lights do not cause any real delay to traffic travelling westbound on the A27 at busy times; even being stopped by the lights, you only drive 100 to 150 yards when they turn green again to be behind the same car you were following. There must be some other reason for them wanting to close this crossing: this is the question we should be asking

The traffic flow problem is the Bognor Bridge roundabout and all the others on this part of the A27. In fact, if it was not for the interruption caused by the lights, there would be a solid line of cars in both lanes between the Portfield and Bognor Bridge roundabouts. How the new layout proposes to integrate vehicles from Shopwyke Road into this solid queue I do not know, but I do know the Bognor Bridge roundabout is already over-capacity for large parts of the day.

In fact if you travel around the country and talk to people and say you’re from Chichester, the first thing most of them say is that’s the place with the awful bypass.

They really let the lunatics out of the asylum when they designed that bit of road. To send more traffic into these roundabouts would suggest that they had been let out again.

John Holden

Bognor Road