Hope for vote

As a former Lib Dem, who resigned from the party after the university fees about-face by the Lib Dems, I was wondering who I was going to vote for next time.

Being one of those people who has only missed one vote (district election) in 40 years, it looked like I might become another non-voter.

But now you have given me hope.

I was once local party chairman in the Blackmore ward of North Dorset, when the Lib Dems won the county and district seats, and have done my share of newsletter deliveries and polling day actions, including the Lib Dem by-elections win at Christchurch and Winchester, many years ago.

My last job was Worcester Road deliveries for the Lib Dems, so I am ready and waiting to deliver to the entire Broyle estate if needed.

I believe you are right: the time has come for a change, and that change could happen here, in sleepy Chichester. Thanks for giving me something to vote for, and making sure all of those who died in the wars, and are still dying for our freedom, have not died in vain.

Frank Lane

Worcester Road, Chichester