LETTER: Fingers in many pies

SO the chief executive of WSCC has voted himself out of a job?

Perhaps he had a ‘clear and compelling vision of a better outcome’ for himself.

If the current situation wasn’t so grave for the poor souls still left in a thoroughly demoralised County Hall and struggling to maintain provision of a decent service, it would be hilarious.

The money to provide all those services, which we as council tax payers take for granted, simply isn’t there any more.

That is the stark reality, and all the optimistic press releases, couched in the usual phraseology of opaque, management drivel-speak, can’t disguise the fact that County Hall is quickly ‘transitioning’ itself into becoming a commissioning agency, whose main role will be to administer the granting of contracts to dubious private sector enterprises.

You know, the ones with fingers in lots of different- flavoured pies, who reckon they can do the job with ‘enhanced cost- effectiveness’, while still turning a nice profit for the shareholders.

Meanwhile, many erstwhile local authority staff soon find themselves manoeuvred into redundancy, or become forced to accept third-world levels of pay and conditions, under the management of inexperienced and often disinterested personnel, sourced from Lord-knows where.

It may seem like good news to have council tax pegged to the levels of 2010, but I wouldn’t begrudge paying an extra quid or two per month in order to safeguard my local library, or that drop-in centre for the bewildered. How about you?

MC Carter

Crosbie Close