Limit should vary

AGAIN three brief comments on the recent news.

Firstly; I feel justified in my recent claim that a variable speed limit is necessary on the road through West Dean.

To be told that I have to be there at 8.15am to see the improvement in traffic speed proves my point.

Soon the 30mph limit will be ignored but a limit at school times will concentrate the minds of drivers as to its need.

Secondly. In the past I have felt proud to welcome Sunday visitors to Chichester looking for parking charges by telling them ‘its free!’

What more of a welcome could we have? I am sure that a modest evening charge would not worry theatre-goers who will have already paid a high price for their tickets. This would cancel the need for Sunday charges.

Thirdly, congratulations to all at St Richard’s Hospital for the excellent report.

This agrees with my own frequent experiences.

John Collins (Revd),

Exeter Road,