Local knowledge trumps technology to aid visitors

A few days ago, my husband was looking out of our front window which is next to a pavement and parking bay on the A286 to Chichester. He noticed a car containing a family parked outside.

The mum and dad were checking their SatNav and maps. My husband, always keen to be of assistance, went outside and asked if they were lost.

It became very apparent they were visitors to the area and they said they were looking for the park. My husband asked which park they were looking for, and the answer was the South Downs National Park.

Well, my husband is very quick-thinking. He told them they were in the Park and then directed them to Goodwood hill and the Trundle. He told them they would see for miles if they went there.

Pleased as punch, they said ‘thank you’ and off they drove. Considering the South Downs National Park covers many square miles where they went to afterwards was up to them.

Lyn Oram

Bepton Road