Plenty of support

It’s good to see growing support for the 20’s Plenty campaign (to introduce a 20mph speed limit on residential roads in the city).

I’m a mum with two young children and, like most other Chichester residents, we use the roads every day (usually walking, but often cycling or by car).

The scheme would make all of these journeys safer.

I would urge anyone who hasn’t yet looked into it to check out the website – – particularly the myth-busting page, which explains the scheme wouldn’t involve the expensive introduction of traffic-calming measures; wouldn’t add significant time to motorists’ journeys; and would reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads every year.

For anyone who has concerns about policing the scheme, the website includes the success stories of areas where the scheme has already been introduced: the dramatic drop in accidents, particularly those involving children during their journeys to school.

I’m sure improved safety is something that every parent, and indeed road-user, would like to see.

In the past our city has had its fair share of challenges, and has always overcome them thanks to the strength of its wonderful community.

I think road-sharing is our latest challenge, and that 20’s Plenty is a solution we can all embrace – to make all of us safer.

Vicki McKay

Kingsham Road, Chichester