Smart developments could save space

It is quite ridiculous for anyone to even consider building 1,600 houses on the Whitehouse Farm site, other than perhaps the developers, until all the brownfield sites in Chichester, have been developed.

It is a nonsense the city should have so many car parks taking up so much room. For example, the north car park could be developed into a beautiful village and the cars parked two or three levels below. I am sure the developers would be interested if some financial help was given for the additional building costs. We even store road grit in Cathedral Way when this area could be developed, and possibly flats built over this area including the railway line.

We still have ancient railway level crossings in the middle of our great city which causes untold time and money to motorists. When are we going to build two tunnels for the cars, and build blocks of flats etc in this area? Don’t mention money!

John Hinton

Stumps End