Whales are a heavyweight challenge for Falcons

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Chichester Falcons put in a brave performance against an A-grade softball team from the Solent League, Killa Whales.

From the first innings it became clear the Whales were out to hit long, but the Falcons set out to catch them out deep in the outfield as Jason Mercer kept his head to snag two would-be homers.

James Clarke was sturdy at first base as the Whales tried to add to their score but Danielle Clarke, covering left field, pinged the ball back to the Falcons infield to keep the Portsmouth team at bay.

Nevertheless the Whales put several runs up, leaving the Falcons chasing the game.

Debutant Emma Kidd defiantly moved runners around the diamond and MVP Alison Clements smacked through the gaps, setting up David Morris for a two-run homer in the third inning.

Catcher Vicky Cathie steered the ball past the shortstop well to arrive safe at first as the Falcons kept the bases loaded.

The Chichester side did well to reduce their run deficit before taking the field again, where pitcher James Wheeler began working through his repertoire of curves and sinkers to fool the Whales hitters.

Ben Sawkins was monumental throughout, gathering up a fierce grounder before running through second base and fizzing the ball to first to turn the Falcons’ second double play of the game.

Jenny Dunn at second base caught a looping flyball to cap off another MVP performance, but by the last inning it became clear that the Whales’ expertise was too much for the Falcons, the game ending at 7-16.

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