Chichester Singers and Southern Pro Arte Orchestra, Chichester Cathedral, Saturday, November 5th 2011

Chichester Singers and the Southern Musica reached a new pinnacle of perfection with their stunning concert at Chichester Cathedral.

The confident and dramatic impact was tremendous and was rapturously appreciated by the packed capacity audience with prolonged applause.

Jonathan Willcocks interpretation of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

exploited to the full the boundless talents of both the Chichester Singers and the Southern Pro Musica.

The first three movements of the symphony gave the orchestra alone the opportunity to excel but it was the final tempestuous and exciting choral movement where they matched and complemented the choir’s exuberant singing.

The wonderful Ode to Joy with soloists, chorus and musicians could not have been bettered. The vitality and energy were exhilarating.

Four young soloists gave distinguished performances and were individually distinctive. Sara Lian Owen (soprano) Angharad Lyddon (contralto) Samuel Furness (tenor) and Frederick Long (bass) visibly expressed their obvious joy and happiness at singing together with encouraging smiles and looks.

To have two exceptional works and performances in one concert was

a rare treat. Chichester Singers total confidence and professionalism gave a dramatic immediacy to their winning performance of Mozart’s Requiem.

Written in the final year of Mozart’s short life it is probably the most puzzling work ever written because even now it is surrounded by myths and controversy.

The well balanced soloists were truly impressive individually but particularly in the trios and quartets.

Without any doubt – a magnificent concert. Graham Hewitt