Excellence is Chichester promise from Society of Designer Craftsmen

Excellence is the title of the exhibition from the Society of Designer Craftsmen running at Chichester’s Oxmarket Gallery from August 3-15.

Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 8:05 am
Excellence - Colourful creation from glass maker Deborah Timperley
Excellence - Colourful creation from glass maker Deborah Timperley

It features the work of Adam Aaronson, Liz Ashurst, Anna Bingham, Jennifa Chowdhury, Hazel Connors, Megan Cook, Julia Desch, Wendy Dolan, Samantha English, Silke Espinet, Ferri Farahmandi, Antonello Figlia, Nancy Goodens, Sigi Hill, Christine Johnson, Ruth Holt, Aran Illingworth, Edward Johnson, Mayumi Kaneko, Kayley Holderness, Simon Jewell, Sharon Kearley, Sue Lancaster, Jean Littlejohn, Claudia Luque, Pat Moloney, Christine Meyer-Eaglestone, Carol Naylor, Wendy Newhofer, Batool Showghi, Lilly Reid, Elizabeth Saunders, Cathryn Shilling, Gillian Spires, Deborah Timperley, Sarah Waters, Alison Tomlin, Jane White and Toby Winteringham.

Helen Innes, administrator, Society of Designer Craftsmen, said: “Excellence at the Oxmarket is a showcase of the stunning variety and quality of craftwork created by the members of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

“After the success of Into the Light, our 2020 celebration of craft, we’re thrilled to return to the Oxmarket following its amazing transformation project.

“We hope Excellence will provide an opportunity for visitors to see some crafts they might not have seen as much of before – from furniture design to glass sculpture. There’s a huge swell of popularity in craft as people enjoy shows like the Great Pottery Throwdown and The Repair Shop, Fans of those will find Excellence a great opportunity to see more beautiful pieces of craft.

“The daily demonstrations of different craft skills will give visitors a real insight into the processes behind the pieces on display.

“We want everyone to get hands-on with our participatory tapestry. Visitors can also buy their very own piece at the 2021 display. Craft pieces on a smaller scale have been selected and with prices at around £120, they make a great start to your craft collection.”

Margaret Jones is the curator and Hazel Connors is a member of the exhibitions team.

“Margaret came to tapestry weaving late in her career when, in 2012 she started three years’ full time study to hone her fine art, creative and craft skills, finishing with an MFA in tapestry weaving in 2015.

“A highly motivated artist and curator, Margaret has continued to exhibit internationally and curate in the UK. Since 2015 she has organised and curated Heallreaf, an international biennial exhibition of hand-woven tapestry.

“These exhibitions are an attempt to expand the field of tapestry weaving beyond the view of woolly painting returning it to the area of fine art.

“After gaining a doctorate in chemistry, Hazel Connors worked in research and development for many years but strongly believes there is no great arts and sciences divide.

“Having set up her own science consultancy and being fascinated by qualities of materials, she decided to study stitched textiles part-time.

“Since then, Hazel’s creative work has enlarged in scope to include a breadth of materials and also includes site-specific installations, both interior and exterior including non-traditional spaces, drawing in a variety of audiences.

“Her professional practice continues to develop, and she considers herself very fortunate to learn from, and be informed by, the experience of working alongside other artists as well as various art and craft linked organisations over the last few years. This has led her to a greater consideration of audience and viewer, their means of involvement and enhancement of their experience.”