Popular West Sussex art show: "Carrying on is a way of honouring mum"

A popular artistic tradition marks its 25th year in extraordinary times. The Treve Art Show, at River Common near Petworth, is switching online.

Friday, 24th July 2020, 7:00 am
Euan Cunningham. View from the window
Euan Cunningham. View from the window

Artist and co-organiser Euan Cunningham said: “2020 is our 25th year and we are determined to carry on. We may not be able to celebrate this in our usual way but we are still going ahead online. Go to http://www.trevefestival.weebly.com and look at the artworks for sale page, featuring 17 artists, exhibiting an exciting and varied selection of their artworks that can be purchased direct from us. Prices start at just £10. Enjoy browsing the artworks and see if you can find that special unique gift or even treat yourself.”

Euan added: “It felt very important to do something this year, particularly considering how many opportunities and events have been cancelled, especially for artists. The ability for a lot of artists to make money has been taken away from them. We also wanted there to be something for our regular visitors who have supported us so well in the past. It also felt like a positive thing to do in a time of much uncertainty.

“The 25th anniversary is important as it reminds us of how we have changed the way we have done things. Originally it was just the three of us, my mum, my partner and I, waiting, hoping for people to come.

“Now we have up to 20 artists and a full itinerary of artist-led workshops all through the show, free to the public. This feels a very important part of the show to me. To see children and adults trying their hand at a range of artistic disciplines is very rewarding and who knows what that experience might do for them, whether they develop an interest or a new hobby or even go on to make a career out of it, the potential is exciting. We receive no funding for putting on the show. All the workshops are gifted and provided by the artists to ensure the continuation of the love and appreciation of the arts for future generations. While this year there are no workshops at the venue there will be a free art lesson online and for a small subscription a summer art course provided by The Art Club London, run by Sally Cutler, co-organiser.

“The tradition of the show means a lot as I know it means a lot to our regular visitors. I know it certainly meant a lot to mum. Just a few days before my mum died she was very keen that we should carry on with the show. To me, just the fact we are putting the show on is a way of honouring her.

“Normally, the show takes place on River Common, in the grounds of my old family home. The show is normally on in the last two weeks of July, to coincide with the Petworth Festival.

The show this year is online for the two weeks it would normally be on. The dates are July 25 to August 9 inclusive.”

“We are showcasing work from new local artists including; Linda Mills and her willow pieces, Jericho and his thought-provoking sculptures and Gill Hunter Nudds, ceramic animals. Other exhibitors include co-organiser Sally Cutler, who has just won an international printmaking award. Also, glass artist Karen Grimstead, who is at the moment stuck in Australia but determined to still take part. We also have brand-new work that has been inspired by the lockdown, including beautiful weavings by Ros Hitchens.”

“There is also a range of interesting and contrasting ceramics by Wendy Farley, Sophy White and Mignon Woodfield. Other artists include Ian Moore (acrylic painting), Mike Topham (wire artworks), Rosamund Fowler (wood engravings) and Mick Waterhouse (woodcarving).

“There are also scarves by original founder Bronnie Cunningham and her sister Deryn O’Connor’s paintings. Felix, Bronnie’s grandson will also be showing his artworks – his fourth year of showing artworks and only 12 years old!

“Other new events online include: a free art class for children, a Summer Art School for a small subscription and a garden tour video to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature alongside the sculpture. Next year in 2021 we hope to be able to welcome everyone back to River Common.”

The exhibiting artists are Euan Cunningham, Sally Cutler, Felix Cunningham, Bronnie Cunningham and Rosamund Fowler, all of River Common; Wendy Farley and Karen Grimstead, of Tillington; Ros Hitchens of Byworth; Zeljko Ivankovic (Jericho) of Pulborough; Gill Hunter Nudds of Yapton; Linda Mills, of Emsworth; Deryn O’Connor, of Surrey; Mick Waterhouse, of Buckinghamshire; Ian Moore, of London; Mike Topham, of Dorset; Mignon Woodfield, of Oxfordshire; and Sophy White, of Bristol.