Bioethical inspirations in Chichester art show

Bioethical legal cases are the inspiration for a Chichester exhibition by Susan Shafrir who used to live in South Bersted, but now lives and works in Haifa, northern Israel. The exhibition is at the Oxmarket Gallery from May 7-21.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 7:25 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:33 am
Susan Shafrir
Susan Shafrir

Susan said: “To create modern textile/mixed-media art from court findings of bioethical- legal cases is a world first with an important message, that is to use art as an extra tool when influencing decisions around medical cases which have within them a dilemma... and I am the messenger.

“At this exhibition, I present visual translations of actual reported cases which I researched carefully before starting. It proved a difficult emotional and artistic challenge to convert traumatic episodes in peoples’ lives into paintings which would reveal ethical dilemmas.

“There will be a brief resume of the case beside each picture with pertinent questions to engage viewers with what is seen, explained or left unseen. I hope there will be discussion on the spot. One of the aims is to engage the viewers in a ‘stop, think and ask’ moment with the picture, and with me, the artist.

“I chose mixed media genre for this collection as I felt it was necessary to emphasise the textures I have included. Colour, shape and line all have their specific meanings but added textures bring that tactile quality adding further meaning and depth to each composition.

“I look forward to being there every day to join in with viewers’ comments on this unique subject, especially to meet and listen to the words of doctors, lawyers and educationalists who I hope will be amongst my visitors.

“I have drawn and painted ever since I could hold the tools to do so. Therefore it was natural for me to study fine art in London. Since then I have participated in group exhibitions including at the Oxmarket and had solo shows.

“I now live and work in Israel but life has taken me to African countries as well, obviously influencing the way I use colour and light. Thanks to this I was commissioned to produce this collection by the chairman of bioethics UNESCO.

“I have self-published three books on art and design principles and taught the subject in various schools and art groups. Three of my recent works attained finalist status in a world-juried online competition. My work has always been semi-abstract influenced by the beauty of often overlooked natural objects.”

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