City's art society at the Festival of Chichester

Chichester Art Society's annual exhibition will be one of the key events at this year's Festival of Chichester.

Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:56 pm
Chichester Art Society
Chichester Art Society

Running from June 19-July 1, the show will offer original and contemporary art at the Oxmarket Gallery. There will be a wide range of works including paintings, prints, sculpture, ceramics and beautiful cards for special occasions.

Among the artists is Jane Davies: “I paint in oils for their purity of colour, their delicious spreadable consistency and I even like the smell! My subjects can be anything from portraits to abstracts but it’s the colour that inspires and intrigues me and oil paints deliver the strength and depth of colour I’m looking for.

“I am constantly learning new techniques and have benefited hugely from the many informative talks and demonstrations within the varied programme of events at Chichester Art Society.”

Also exhibiting is Jeremy Gale: “There are effects that can be achieved with watercolour that are not possible with other media, but they are elusive and rely on a delicate balance between maintaining control and running the risk of allowing the colours the freedom to exert their presence in their own way.

“For me the aim is to capture atmosphere; the brooding sweep of a landscape, the drama and violence of a storm or the savagery of nature in a seascape. It is a curious contradiction that what is perceived as a gentle medium lends itself to such subjects and demands a light touch to convey fully the underlying chaos of the forces of nature.”

Karen Bull is also taking part: “I have developed a love of art and am inspired by the beautiful coastline and landscapes in and around West Sussex. I work predominately in watercolour, inks and acrylics, and colour is a powerful influence in my work.

“Since becoming a member of Chichester Art Society, I have learned that practice is the most important way to improve my techniques and this is supplemented by attending the Society’s demonstrations and workshops where I have learnt about the many delightful and varied choices of medium and methods of mark making. This offers so many different ways of approaching my artwork and allowing it to constantly evolve.”

Jane Chitty is another participating artist: “The art society offers a great chance to talk to other members about different ways of seeing a subject and sharing news of work by well-known artists.

“I find the artists’ talks and workshops a great boost even when in different mediums to my own; it’s always good to see new ways of creating expression. As a tutor I believe you never stop learning and that keeps my teaching fresh.”

Dennis Mossman is also looking forward to the show: “I spent 40 years as a marine underwriter, not a career with any obvious creative aspirations, although success was encouraging and disasters rather less so, a similarity to painting perhaps? One fundamental is that sooner or later one will make a mark or draw a line which works, and this very simple action, which sounds mundane, is transformative.

“I very much enjoy painting seascapes and landscapes in front of the subject. It is the only way to capture the atmosphere. Many passers-by come and chat. They often have a story, and this and the painting somehow bind together. Chichester Art Society has some excellent speakers and workshops plus a library of some 200 art books and CDs to give inspiration”.

Karen Swann will also be there: “A fascination with natural history and avifauna has led me to depict the birds of our local area in my artwork. I am interested in capturing insights of endangered or protected species using a variety of techniques that relate to the subject. My recent body of work revolves around the Chichester peregrines.

“A series of drypoint prints illustrate the fine down and scruffy nature of the growing Eyases and bold acrylic brushstrokes indicate the power of the majestic falcon.”