Chichester Cinema at New Park ready to reopen

After the most recent four weeks of national lockdown, Chichester Cinema at New Park reopens once again to do what it does best – screening the best in cinema from the UK and abroad.

Tuesday, 1st December 2020, 11:00 am
Walter Francisco, cinema director and programmer
Walter Francisco, cinema director and programmer

Walter Francisco, cinema director and programmer, said: “Vincent Cassel is on great form in The Specials about a shelter that accepts autistic children rejected by the French system. Directors Toledano and Nakache made the feel-good hit Untouchable, so expect a touching and powerful story.

“There are three great performances in the moody and captivating Luxor, Angela Riseborough, Karim Saleh and the magnificent Egyptian ruins. Riseborough is a surgeon recuperating from a traumatic stint in Syria when an old flame reappears in her life.

“Aron Sorkin writes and directs The Trial of the Chicago 7. This is the story of the arrest and trial of demonstrators at the 1868 Democratic National Convention, essentially a trial of American ideals. This is a fizzing courtroom drama – remember Sorkin wrote A Few Good Men. Deeply entertaining but ultimately sobering stuff.

“23 Walks is a warm and gentle drama about a couple brought together by their canine companions and their daily strolls. Romance is in the air until Dave’s secret it out. Alison Steadman shines in a film that approaches later life romance with honesty and affection.

“Elizabeth Moss is fast becoming one of the finest actresses of her generation and with Shirley she nails another portrayal – this time of horror writer Shirley Jackson. Shirley and her husband take in a younger couple and wreak havoc on their lives.

“A crack team of translators is assembled in a secret bunker to finish work on the latest publishing sensation when pages are leaked on the internet. French thriller The Translators descends into accusations and violence.”