What's on at the Chichester Cinema at New Park this week

Screening at New Park – October 1-7

Friday, 1st October 2021, 8:05 am
From the Vine
From the Vine

Walter Francisco, Cinema Director & Programmer, talks you through the films:

In From The Vine, an executive abandons his corporate life returning to his childhood home in the hope of reinvigorating an old vineyard. This is a lovely warm film drenched in Italian sunshine and sensational scenery. A tonic for the soul after such a difficult year. Keeping with an Italian theme, The Lost Leonardo is a documentary that feels like a cracking heist film combined with a detective story. And like any good detective story it is a morality tale too. The Salvator Mundi sold for $450 million, believed to be a long-lost masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci. Questions arise over its authenticity amid a frenzy of greed and suspicion.

UK Indie, Herself, sees a young mother escapes her abusive husband and fights back against a broken housing system. In the face of overwhelming bureaucracy she sets out to build her own home. This is never maudlin and never tips into sentimentality but it is powerful and often enchanting. In Wildfire two sisters are reunited and uncover secrets from their mother’s past. Set in post-Troubles Northern Ireland. Yet Kelly’s homecoming also appears to relight the wildfire in the hearts of both women, as they challenge the menfolk thereabouts who are still in thrall to the macho cult of terrorist violence.

The Champion of Auschwitz: Before the war, Teddy was the bantamweight vice-champion of Poland and a champion in his hometown of Warsaw. Captured and sent to the notorious concentration camp, his boxing talent gains interest from the German officers. Part boxing film, part historical drama based on a true story, this is an inspirational journey from a dark place.

The exquisite Now, Voyager sees Bette Davis’s neurotic Charlotte Vale escape the tyranny of her mother’s rule to recover in a sanatorium. Transformed she embarks on a cruise where romance is just around the corner. Recently restored, this is the melodrama to end all melodramas. Highly recommended.

The Pebble and the Boy sees John Parker a 19-year-old from Manchester embarks on a journey to Brighton on an old Lambretta scooter carrying his father’s ashes. Along the eventful journey there incidents and revelations This nostalgic comedy drama pays homage to all things Mod backed by a cracking soundtrack.

This week’s Performance Event: Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci - Jonas Kaufmann in his debut performances as both Turiddu and Canio, was “stellar” (Daily Telegraph) and sang “both parts so lyrically, with such italianità, mellow with impeccable highs… a pure delight” (Kurier).

Fri 1 Oct

13:30 From the Vine (12A) 97m

16:45 Herself (15) 97m

19:45 The Champion of Auschwitz (15) 91m

Sat 2 Oct

10:30 Beethoviana Cinema (Auditorium Talk) 120m

13:30 The Lost Leonardo (15) 96m

16:45 Now, Voyager (PG) 117m

19:45 The Pebble and the Boy (12Atbc) time tbc

Sun 3 Oct

12:45 Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci (Salzburg) 176m

16:45 Wildfire (15) 85m

19:45 Herself

Mon 4 Oct

13:30 Herself

16:45 The Lost Leonardo

19:45 From the Vine

Tue 5 Oct

13:30 From the Vine (Socially Distanced Screening)

16:45 The Champion of Auschwitz

19:45 Herself

Wed 6 Oct

13:30 The Pebble and the Boy

16:45 Now, Voyager

19:45 Wildfire

Thu 7 Oct

13:30 Herself

16:45 From the Vine

19:45 The Lost Leonardo