Musical tour of Spanish rhythms and aromas in Worthing

Easter Sunday, April 1 brings The Violin Will Take You, an international interview concert, at St Paul's Worthing at 4pm featuring violinist Kamila Bydlowska and pianist Varvara Tarasova.

Sunday, 25th March 2018, 5:37 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:07 am
Kamila & Varvara duo
Kamila & Varvara duo

Richard Amey, co-creator of the interview concerts with Tim Chick, said: “The Violin Will Take You is a kind of musical foreign destination tour of Spanish rhythms and aromas; of exotic night music and tarantella dancing that’s half-Polish, half-Iberian, half-Middle Eastern; of authentic Argentine tangoing; of full-blown German Romanticism; and blues-jazz from America’s 1920s Deep South. Four continents.

“In that order it’s de Falla’s Andalusian Serenade, Szymanovski’s Nocturne And Tarantella, one of Piazzolla’s Tango Etudes, Robert Schumann’s tossed and torn First Violin Sonata, and Frolov’s showpiece Concert Fantasy on Themes from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. Some is duo, some solo.

“Plus the amusement, insight and extra surprises for which the International Interview Concerts are already valued. The interviewing both illuminates the music and the lives, minds and hearts of young musician role models such as these. Unexpected questions also spring from the audience.

“Some surprises are musical. Varvara Tarasova in her 2016 solo piano appearance at these concerts, suddenly got up and sang a love aria as her second encore. Other stimulating elements which enmesh audience and performers include the action close-up seating format in the round and the cafe concert ambience. Tarasova’s debut CD of Brahms and Schumann on Champs Hill, first admired by Gramophone, has now been lauded in America by Fanfare who compares it equally to the work of seasoned recording artists. This is rare, by serious reviewers.

"Bydlowska, like Nigel Kennedy, has a versatile and a wide personal musical horizon. She plays classical concertos and chamber music, contemporary acoustic-electronic, jazz, and has a Tango band. Combined, Bydlowska and Tarasova have an armoury to excite. Formerly at the Royal College of Music, both are already international artists playing on several other continents."

Tarasova revealed: “Kamila and I share the same values. She is full of energy – this is our common thing – and we both want to explore new possibilities in music. We are very excited about this event.

“These Interview Concerts are a wonderful opportunity to communicate to the public.”

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