Teacher releases children's activities book

Aldingbourne Primary School teacher Lucy Griffiths is in print with a children's activity book Are We There Yet?.

Tuesday, 10th July 2018, 3:49 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 6:44 pm
Lucy Griffiths
Lucy Griffiths

It is the prelude to the publication of her rhyming fiction book The Snowman And The Swallow in October next year.

The activity book will offer plenty to keep your children happy: “Being a mum and a teacher and tying to keep children entertained, you pick up lots of ideas and tricks of the trade. The book has got maths puzzles and stories to finish. There are a hundred pages, things I have tried with the children at school and with my own son.”

Lucy, who lives in Felpham, is hoping it will start the momentum going as she counts down to the publication of The Snowman And The Swallow.

“I wrote the story about six or seven years ago, and I kept it in a notebook not really doing anything with it. But I was thinking about doing something different and so I thought I might put myself out there.

“I looked at different publishers thinking that this might be a good fit and just thinking that I would get published straightaway.

“I sent it off and got a nice letter back saying that it was not really what they were looking for.

“I sent it off to lots and lots of people and I got lots of rejection letters. Sometimes you can just email it as well, just putting it out there electronically, putting it out there into the universe. But I kept thinking it was going to happen, not because I believe in myself, but because I believe in positive thinking! But it didn’t happen. I gave up in the end.

“I was trying for a good year, regularly sending it off. I must have sent it to 50 to 60 people, and I must have got back about ten rejection letters.

“But I still believed in it. I would read it to family and friends and they liked it. They thought it was good. And then I joined Twitter, and I saw there was a publisher, Waldorf Publishing, in the States that was looking for new submissions.

“I sent it off and within a week, they wrote back saying they liked it and were going to publish it.”

They liked the fact that it is a quintessentially English story, Lucy said: “They liked the Britishness of it. It’s the story of a friendship. This snowman has been built and he is lonely. A swallow comes up and stays with him even though he should fly south for the winter. He stays with him even thought the snowman starts to melt…”

The rhyming story is being specially illustrated for publication.