Song, poetry and prose to mark the war "to end all wars"

To End All Wars offers an evening of song, poetry, prose, humour and pathos with William Godfree, Fiona-Jane Weston and Martin Muncaster plus guest Zeb Soanes in aid of The Royal British Legion on Saturday, November 3 at 7.30pm in Rake Village Hall (behind The Flying Bull).

Monday, 29th October 2018, 1:09 pm
Updated Monday, 29th October 2018, 1:15 pm
Fiona-Jane Weston
Fiona-Jane Weston

Tickets £12.50 (£5.00 under 16) from Milland Village Stores and The Rising Sun or email: [email protected]

The evening will comprise:

Act One: The Battle Front

Instrumental: ‘The Old Brigade’ (Music: Odoardo Barri)

Song: Oh, What A Lovely War! (J.P. Long and Maurice Scott)

The General (Siegfried Sassoon)

In Flanders Fields (John McCrae)

Song: I’ll Make A Man of You (Arthur Wimperis & Herman Finck)

Naming Of Parts (Henry Reed – Lessons Of War)

Song: Good-byee! (R. P. Weston and Bert Lee)

The March Past (Siegfried Sassoon)

Lord Kitchener’s Appeal

Edith Cavell’s Execution (Pastor Paul Le Seur)

Song: I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier (Alfred Bryan & Al Piantadosi)

Address to the Mother of a Dead Observer (Anthony Richardson)

A Gal on the Streets (Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy – “Woodbine Willie”)

Song: If You Were the Only Boche in the Trench (Music: Nat D.Ayer)

Dulce et Decorum Est pro Patria Mori (Wilfred Owen)

World Without End (Helen Thomas)

War Diary Notes (Edward Thomas)

Musical Medley: Are We Downhearted? No! (Arthur Boynton)

It’s a Long Way To Tipperary (Jack Judge & Henry Williams)

Act Two: The Home Front

Instrumental: Keep the Home Fires Burning (Ivor Novello)

Munition Wages (Madeline Ida Bedford)

Song: Girls With Yellow Hands (David Stevenson)

WAAC Hemlines (Ruby Ord)

Perhaps (Vera Brittain)

Song: They Didn’t Believe Me (Music: Jerome Kern)

From ‘Disabled’ (Wilfred Owen)

Working On The Ward (Vera Brittain)

Conscious (Wilfred Owen)

Smile, Smile, Smile (Wilfred Owen)

Song: Pack Up Your Troubles (George and Felix Powell)

Preaematuri (Margaret Cole)

Song: Roses of Picardy (Fred Weatherly and Haydn Wood)

Hero (Siegfried Sassoon)

Song: When This Lousy War Is Over (Melody: Charles Converse)

Optimism (Wipers Times)

Elegy In A Country Churchyard (G.K.Chesterton)

Aftermath (Siegfried Sassoon)

George V and the Silence

“Their Finest Hour…..” (Winston Churchill) (Music: Edward Elgar)

Silence and Last Post

Song: When You Come to the End of a Perfect Day (Carrie Jacobs Bond)

Song with audience: Keep the Home Fires Burning (Ivor Novello)

Keep the Home Fires Burning,

While your hearts are yearning,

Though your lads are far away

They dream of home.

There's a silver lining

Through the dark clouds shining,

Turn the dark cloud inside out

'Til the boys come home.