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Wear purple on March 26 for the Epilepsy Society

Wear purple in aid of epilepsy charity

Can you imagine what it would be like to stand up in a meeting at work or to be at the supermarket checkout or at the school gates and have a seizure? Or even to live with the anxiety that you might?

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Bracklesham Bay

Bracklesham Bay is turning from a pretty village to a concrete jungle

Further to my letter published in the Observer on February 14 regarding the ripping out of all the hedging, trees and vegetation around the pond in Farm Road, I was again horrified to see all the mature, possibly ancient, trees and hedging being cut down on the old Post Office site, known as The Elms, at the beginning of Farm Road on March 4.

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A Union flag flies near the Elizabeth Tower, commonly referred to as Big Ben, at the Houses of Parliament 700026947

Being right wing is not ‘automatically a bad thing’

Oh dear, here we go. Mr Wilton attacks my letter with the implication that being right-wing (which I unashamedly am having watched the left-wing attempts to run countries such as Venezuela and Cuba, those famous success stories) is automatically a bad thing.

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National flags flutter near the The Elizabeth Tower, commonly referred to as Big Ben, in central London SUS-190124-085838001

We should remain in the EU with deal we have

I write in response to two letters published on February 28, one of which was in response to my letter of the week before, one to M. Corfield’s letter. Firstly, Rory Murphy’s letter, where he take issue with several points I made.

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