Chichester mum helps learning for dyslexic children

A MOTHER who battled to find the right revision books for her dyslexic daughter has taken matters into her own hands.

Monday, 12th August 2013, 11:18 am

Bambi Gardiner, from Chichester, has created her own range of revision booklets called Oaka Books for dyslexic children.

“Finding revision books that were suitable for our dyslexic daughter was pretty impossible,” said Bambi.

“Revision for most children is difficult. You can multiply that up massively for many dyslexic children.

“Written information needs to be engaging or they won’t revise, then they get low marks, have low self-esteem and the self-perpetuating downward spiral begins.”

“My daughter had reached that point. She had important exams coming up, but all the revision guides were big books of text which were totally off-putting. I began breaking down all the information and turning it into cartoons, we then worked through the stories using little characters and it began to work.”

“She gained her first-ever A-grade in her history exam and she was so thrilled. More importantly, she actually believed she could do it and began to build some self-confidence. Mums at school asked for my revision notes and I began to work them 
up into a better format and the Oaka Revision Guides were born.”

The guides come as packs with four learning strategies, and each set covers a single topic to ensure the student can focus.

“It is exciting to see the project take off and it would be great to think our efforts might be able to help some other children who are struggling with their learning or simply like to learn in a very visual way.”

The guides are available from