Chichester businesses encouraged to 'keep money local' with Chichester Gift Card

The city's businesses have been encouraged to 'keep money local' with a Chichester Gift Card this year.

Monday, 16th November 2020, 11:00 am
Updated Monday, 16th November 2020, 11:02 am

Chichester BID is encouraging employers in the area to consider rewarding staff with the Chichester Gift Card for Christmas this year, keeping money local and supporting local economic recovery.

A survey published in HR Review found that less than one fifth of UK companies are still planning an office Christmas party for 2020. Ongoing restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic mean that many employers are looking for new ways to reward their staff.

Jeanette Hockley, operations manager of Chichester BID said that the Chichester Gift Card is a 'socially conscious choice' for employers wanting to support Chichester whilst giving their staff a reward they will appreciate.

A Chichester Gift Card

She said: “There are approximately 26,795 adults living in the city of Chichester. If each adult in the city buys, or is gifted, a £10 Chichester Gift Card, that is £267,950 we are locking into the city centre, which would have a huge impact on disposable income and employment.”

The Chichester Gift Card can be redeemed in over 140 businesses in Chichester city centre, including independent and national shops, eateries, salons and more.

Each Chichester Gift Card is a prepaid Mastercard which is valid for 12 months from purchase, offering employers a secure way to gift.

Cards can be purchased online and delivered straight to the recipient. Bulk orders of the gift card can be made directly with Chichester BID.

Employers in the area who reward staff with the Chichester Gift Card can take advantage of the UK trivial benefits scheme, whereby a business can give an employee a benefit of up to £50 without paying tax, but only if the benefit isn’t in cash.

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